God tells us, "For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds." (II Corinthians 10:3,4)

In this book you will learn about one of the greatest weapons God has ever made available. When talking about defeating the great enemies of your life, He says, "Howbeit, this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting."(Matthew 17:21)

During this 22 days of prayer and fasting, God gave me insights as never before. I remember what happened 15 days into this fast. In the middle of the night I walked out of my office into a dark sanctuary and I began to praise and worship the Lord with every fiber of my being.

My heart was leaping for joy. The power of God became so strong and I cried out, "Lord, I have never felt your presence like this before." And God replied, "Larry, you have never been here before!"

The Lord was right. I had never — not in all my Christian walk — fasted and prayed with such intensity. And here's what God said to me: "I have called you to do your part in 'Reaching the World for Jesus.' Remember that the spiritual insights I am revealing to you have not been hidden from my people, but rather for my people."

On the final day of the 22-day fast, I was stretched out on the floor praying in a heavenly language and one word kept exploding in my spirit. The word was "Sharka!" "Sharka!"

I said, "Lord, what is that word? What is "Sharka?" And God said, "Don't try to look it up, it is not found in the dictionaries of man and it can only be defined by the power of the Holy Spirit."

So I asked, "Holy Spirit, what is that word, "Sharka?" And the Spirit said, "Larry, that word is all you need and it will meet the needs of every person to whom you minister." The Holy Spirit said, "The word Sharka has three major meanings: It means 'Trust in, rely on, and lean on the Lord for all you have need of. And the Gates of Hell shall never prevail against you.

But that was not just a Word for me. It is a Word for you. Yes, through the power of fasting and prayer you can "Sharka!" You can trust in, rely on, and lean on the Lord for all you have need of. And the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against you!

Now, as you begin to read this book, I believe you will be empowered with God's greatest weapons in your spiritual warfare: Prayer and Fasting.

But it is not a one-time experience. God wants it to become your lifestyle. Even now, the Rod of God family designates every Tuesday as a total day to fast and pray.

The Lord will tell you what He wants you to do. For me, personally, I only eat one meal each day. Let the Spirit guide you. "For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.”(Romans 8:14)

Get ready for a Grand New You!​

This book was born during the time that God called me to 22 days of fasting and prayer. That's right. Twenty-two days. I shut myself away in our church during those momentous days. Oh, what a time it was!

When it was time to preach, I was ready as never before. My wife — who brought me fresh clothes from home — could see the transformation in me. Just as Moses was brought aside to receive spiritual inspiration through the Burning Bush, I was called to receive God's anointing during this special time of fasting and prayer.

God appointed Moses to be a Rod in the hand of God to help set the children of Israel free. And the Lord has called me to be a "Rod of God" to PRAYER AND PASTING to help bring freedom to the Body of Christ.

From the moment the Lord saved me, I have had but one goal: "Reaching the World for Jesus." And in this spiritual battle, 

Bishop Dr. Larry E Allen's Book

​How Prayer & Fasting Can Change Your Life

"Reaching the World for Jesus"

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"After finishing a 22-day fast, God inspired me to write this book. I know it will change your life.” Larry Allen

Experience the miracle of PRAYER AND FASTING!

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And more — the concepts you are about to read have been tested. They work. If you want to enter a new dimension of God's blessing, read on!

You are about to enter into a new level of living. Somewhere in the pages of this book it will suddenly happen to you. "Prayer and Fasting" will become more than a phrase. It will become a never-ending source of spiritual power and personal communication with God.

Discover it for yourself as you begin to apply these inspiring principles to every area of your life. In this book you'll learn:
•    How to solve your greatest problem.
•    How to say goodbye to failure.
•    How prayer and fasting conquers fear.
•    How to know God hears your prayer.
•    The powerful principles of fasting.
•    How to become a "Grand New You!"

Larry Allen, founder and director of the Rod of God Ministries, Charlotte, North Carolina, is an author, pastor and international evangelist. Trained as a Navy fighter pilot, he is now "Fighting the Good Fight." With a vision of "Reaching the World for Jesus," he ministers to millions through radio, television, and rallies. He is a frequent guest on national TV programs. Larry Allen Crusades have recently been conducted in New Zealand, Australia, Israel, and Africa.

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